Lourdes Monteiro

I got a degree I couldn’t identify with. Even so, I built what is called a career. However, the discomfort I felt was greater than the comfort of a good salary, always on time, at the end of the month. I chose to change my life. I can say that I was reborn professionally three times. Fears, insecurities, and the loss of some important things were also part of this process. But above all, I have achieved my professional and personal fulfilment. Looking back, I have no doubts: I would do everything again.

I discovered very early on what I liked. As a child, I didn’t know the term Psychology, but I knew that helping people was something that motivated me. However, my family thought differently; jobs related to the behavioural field were devalued, labelled as “jobs without a future”. Too young, I gave in and graduated in Technological Chemistry.

Shortly after graduating, I was offered a position in a company outside Lisbon. I was selected and for six years I had what some considered the perfect job: an excellent salary for the time, independence, and the management of a team. However, for me this was no longer what I desired: I didn’t fit in with the environment and culture of the company. I soon became a troublemaker: my vision of the human side did not fit into the prevailing policy.

The days became unbearable; I was working in a permanent effort. As time went by, I understood that the material part wasn’t valuable anymore. And one day, watching unethical behaviour, I couldn’t resist any longer: that night I wrote my letter of resignation.

The feeling of relief, of freedom, was wonderful. But then came fear: what would I work on? I asked myself countless questions: what do I like to do? Where do I feel valid? I looked for options, planned, invested in training in Health and Safety at Work, decided to present myself as a consultant in these areas, and looked for companies to work with as a partner. A new opportunity arose, I was involved in a major project for many years and in which my salary was even better than the previous company while keeping my freedom intact.

This freedom of not being locked up in a company allowed me to continue learning; I understood the two things I liked the most: studying and helping people, triggering their change, and helping with their professional growth. It was the moment that led to my deepest introspection.

Training in technical areas was giving way to projects in the behavioural area. I heard the term Coaching for the first time and, again, without hesitation, I graduated, obtained a certification, and was hired by one of the leading companies.

My passion for Psychology won. I then decided that Coaching and the study of human behaviour would be my main tasks, finally knowing what I wanted for myself, as a professional and as an individual. I started again from scratch with the certainty that I had reached my true vocation.

I have developed my work with several professionals within companies. This experience has allowed me to become aware of those who, like me in the past, work in a permanent effort, no drive to stay where they are, wanting something different without knowing how to get there.

These are the people I want to help. I have been in the same situation. And I often apply the process that has already helped many professionals to choose new paths, alternative activities, and, above all, different ways of being and working while respecting their idiosyncrasy. Regardless of the geography where they live, their role, or the sector where they work.

If you had the patience to read me up to this point, maybe it is because you are exactly at this stage of your life. This is the first step.

However, the process is different for each person, and the point of arrival depends entirely on each one. I will help you get a broader and more objective view using the right tools.

However, the process is different for each person, and the point of arrival depends entirely on each one. I will help you get a broader and more objective view using the right tools.

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I started my work as a Coach in 2010, with business managers, to develop their leadership potential. I created the Career Redesign® em 2014, with the purpose of supporting people to achieve their professional fulfilment.

I have a degree in Technological Chemistry from the University of Lisbon, a post-graduation in Safety, Hygiene and Health Protection at Work, I am a Certified Professional Practitioner Coach by ISPC – International School of Professional Coaching and ACC – Associate Certified Coach accredited by the ICF – International Coach Federation, Starter in Neuro-Linguistic Programming by InPNL, Certified Practitioner in the Business Model You® Directory (https://bmydirectory.com), Co-author of the book Business Models for Teams and Author of the book and podcast I Want, I Can and I Change Careers (only available in portuguese).



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