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About Career Redesign®

The process begins with an exploratory session to know your current situation, your motivation for professional change, and your goals. It will allow us to define the most suitable support for each case, which can be:

  • Mentoring process, if you wish to overcome the state of professional dissatisfaction, identify alternative career scenarios with potential for fulfilment and map objective decision criteria that will promote career choices aligned with your profile. It also includes a practical implementation plan for mapped scenarios.
  • Coaching process, if you seek to increase your self-knowledge and develop, personally and professionally, to face new challenges, adapt to changes in your professional role or changes in your current context, or even unblock barriers that prevent you from reaching key goals.
  • Training process, if you want to develop specific behavioural skills that leverage a certain change or goal, namely in the field of Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, and Career.

Either case requires total conviction and commitment of the client in the achievement of a more rewarding reality.


Career Redesign® has three distinct phases, not mandatory nor identical for all individuals. Some may stay only for the first session, which is extremely important to assess the need or capacity for professional change; others may proceed with the process knowing that people are different, so each case depends on the features of every single person.


Knowledge and Decision


Getting to know the clients, their needs, and motivation for changing their professional reality; Joint client-coach decision making.


Client continues with the process or decides not to move forward.


Implementation of the Method and Action.


Establishing the conditions for cooperation of both parties; Setting the goals and the process with the client who decides to move forward.


Definition of a reality aligned with his/her identity; Greater professional and personal satisfaction.




Monitor the client's evolution 3 to 6 months after the closing of the process; Maintain the partnership with the client.


Assessment of the satisfaction and balance levels.

The Core

The Career Redesign® process uses the principles and tools provided by the Business Model You® methodology, and takes into account the person and the context in which he/she is in or intends to be. This process includes four specific stages:


Define your (sometimes implicit) Personal Business Model.

Analysis of the current situation - Identification of the Personal Business Model (PBM)

Is it possible, by changing some aspects of the current PBM, to achieve the desired satisfaction/change?


Reflect on your current Model and think about new possibilities.

Deepen self-knowledge; Align personal and professional goals/aspirations.

Career sweet spot

Convergence zone, where you have the interests, talents, skills, characteristics, and the context you whish to be in. In this area, you will find the answer to the question - Which direction do I want to follow?


Rework the Model.

Adjust or redesign the professional reality based on the findings.


Test your new Model.

Make it happen and learn from the experience.

The Sessions

  • All processes are different;
  • The duration can vary between 5 to 12 sessions (2 to 6 months);
  • Sessions are preferably fortnightly;
  • Face-to-Face, remote or hybrid.


  • Business Model You, a One-Page Method for Reinventing Your Career, Tim Clark, Alexander. Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur; John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
  • The EMyth Revisited, Why most small businesses don't work and what to do about it, Michael E. BGerber, HarperCollins Publishers, Inc., Third edition.


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